STAGE ONE - Queen Street and Wayfinding

The first stage of the streetscape renewal plan aims to deliver a portion of the project in the immediate term which utilises an existing funding agreement with the Federal government.

Within the 2020/21 budget, the Strathbogie Shire Council approved funding for works to be under taken to renew and improve existing streetscapes within the shire.

This allocation has been supported by a grant from the Federal Government .

Effective streetscape design is an integral part of shaping a community’s identity, increasing civic pride and improving a sense of well-being and belonging. Areas for improvement may include but are not limited to; town entry features, street furniture, planting, pedestrian/traffic circulation and safety, public art , lighting, general wayfinding and signage.

The focus of the study area is the town centre of Avenel, defined by connection between Bank Street & Queen Street.

The study area includes intersections at Mitchell Street & Jones Street and Mitchell & Livingstone Street

This document presents a conceptual streetscape renewal plan for the town of Avenel.

The intention of this streetscape renewal plan is to provide a visual guide for future streetscape development, rather than a literal or specific representation of works to be completed.

The recommendations include streetscape projects which can be implemented progressively as well as a palette of streetscape materials, finishes, fixtures and landscaping recommendations that work to maintain streetscape consistency, improve functionality and amenity and reflect a sense of identity and character for the area.

The project concentrates on the public realm, which includes the components of the streets and footpaths. Building facades are not included.

Avenel is characterised by its rural landscapes, landmarks and village feel. Established avenues of trees create a formal yet relaxed feel, whilst the focus of

the town is centred around the railway precinct. Wide residential streets funnel to narrow shopping strips on either side of the railway line.

Streetscape renewal should consider bridging the connection between the two commercial areas to create a centralised and connected central business district.

A s Avenel continues to develop, streetscape renewal should reflect and celebrate its surrounds while respecting its historic village atmoshphere.

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