Current update on Stage 1- May 2022

Works are currently underway on Stage 1 streetscape renewal in Longwood, Avenel and Euroa and are expected to be completed by late July.

The residents of these three towns gave us feedback on their preferences and we were able to progress their updated designs through to construction.

For Strathbogie and Violet Town we still need to consolidate what the residents prefer for their streetscape renewal and we will do this with an Express of Interest from residents to help us with those individual town plans.

In Strathbogie Shire Council’s 2020/21 Budget funding was approved to renew and improve streetscapes in Avenel, Euroa, Longwood, Strathbogie and Violet Town.

Effective streetscape design is an integral part of shaping a community’s identity, increasing civic pride and improving a sense of well-being and belonging.

Areas for improvement may include but are not limited to:

  • town entry features
  • street furniture
  • planting
  • pedestrian and/or traffic circulation and safety
  • public art
  • lighting
  • general wayfinding, and
  • signage.

About Architecture is a regional based practice creating flexible, perceptive and enduring architecture for people and places. We see every project as an opportunity to enrich, contribute and respond to the social and built fabric around us.

About Architecture makes spaces and creates places. But more than that – our work aims to connect individuals and communities. We are about building on identity, enhancing daily life and creating joy all through the enriched experience of a place and the understanding of its community.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians throughout Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands where our projects are placed. We recognise their ongoing connection to country, land and waters that were never ceded and pay our respects to Elders, past, present and future generations.

This feedback document has been produced prior to concept designs being developed. The intent of this document is to receive information, advice, thoughts and input from the community. This forms Part 1 of a deliberative process whereby the community is involved in the design process. Their knowledge, understanding, experiences and desires for their towns will drive the design from the beginning. Feedback from this document will inform the design response.

Part 2 of this process is the draft design being developed and provided to the community for secondary feedback before a final design is delivered in early August.