This project is now closed


A Engagement Report was formulated following ongoing sessions with the Working Group. This was presented to Councillors for endorsement and Council will now look to create designs for the proposed outdoor space.

To view a copy of the final report, visit our Document Library on this page.


Strathbogie Shire Council is incredibly eager to engage with the local children and youth to form a representative group!

The group will develop a project plan for a new bike track and outdoor area that meets the needs of the youth and the community.

We want our young people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors but it is so important they are involved in the process of designing a space that best suits their needs.

Children as young as 10 years can get involved in the group, which will be supported by Strathbogie Shire Council Youth Development Officer Annette Walton.

The group will initially meet weekly and will have a hands-on role in the planning and the design process of the area including the BMX dirt track and any other ideas they raise.

Meetings will be held onsite and in Council's Youth Space where the young people will research ideas and discuss the potential of the site.

Initially participants would be expected to come along for about a four-week period and then as required as the project progresses.