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UPDATE: November 22, 2023

The Kirwans Bridge Community Panel has officially wound up after almost two and half years of important discussions re the bridge’s future.

Chairman Darren Lyons thanked his fellow residents and panel members for their support , saying the work of the group had provided Strathbogie Shire Council with the engineering options to be costed.

CEO Julie Salomon thanked the panel for their very considered opinions and said although the bridge has been closed since the 2022 October flood it is the intention of Council to advocate for funding for its repair.

We encourage the Kirwans Bridge community and beyond to support Council with its advocacy efforts and share a video, photo or message on our wall of support at

Weir Rd Update

The independent Road Safety Audit of Weir Rd has determined the current design is within acceptable design limits, but it recommends improvements to ensure Council is doing better than acceptable.

This includes:

  • Revise the road design to have 2.35m gravel shoulders where practicable (originally specified with 1m shoulders),
  • Seal the road as per the original specifications detailing a 4m seal width,
  • Consider future speed restrictions for the length of road, where supported by the road safety audit, and
  • Installation of additional safety signage.

Council Officers is in the process of revising the road design to address these recommendations and is expected to present a report to Council in December.

You can find a copy of the audit here.

Kirwans Bridge will remain closed after an engineers’ report found it was structurally compromised and not safe for use by vehicles.

The structural assessment was completed after a major flood in October 2022. The bridge has been closed since the flood, while Strathbogie Shire Council waited for a comprehensive assessment by its insurance company.

Read the media release and full report here »

We invite more members of the community to join the Kirwans Bridge Community Panel.

We have been working with the panel for over a year now and they have provided invaluable input to the future solution for the bridge.

At our most recent meeting on Thursday 17 November 2022, we discussed the opportunity to put a call out to the community for more members, after several people moved away from the area.

We are proud of the work we are doing with the panel. Their input is essential in ensuring the future solution for Kirwans Bridge meets the needs of the community.

The panel is not just to provide input into our decision making, it is to ensure a collaborative approach to seek funding for works to occur.

This expression of interest is open until 27 January 2023 and we welcome your EOI.

Should you require any further information about being a panel member please contact the Chairman, Darren Lyons on 0438 364 446 or again our Customer Service team on 1800 065 993.

The Kirwans Bridge Community Panel has been working since July this year to focus on a solution for the longevity of Kirwans Bridge.

It is well acknowledged that this bridge is such an amazing structure in the district both for the flow of vehicles and as an historic tourist icon –but in its present condition its life is limited.

The Strathbogie Shire sort to engage members of the community to guide the discussions because of their knowledge and passion for the bridge.

There have been four meetings at the Nagambie Regatta Centre (COVID restricting more).

The bridge is heritage listed. Heritage Victoria reported to the group along with a structural bridge engineer who presented theories on how to extend the life of the bridge.

During the meetings, the panel have discussed a range of options for future solutions for the bridge. These three options were presented to Heritage Victoria for their initial feedback;

Option 1: replace existing bridge in its current location with a new replica timber bridge (same look and feel of existing bridge ie; near original) - two lanes and an additional lane for pedestrian and cycling access. The original bridge built in 1890

was a double lane bridge and became a single-lane bridge in the 1950s. This option would complement the heritage and provide a lifespan of more than 75 years.

Option 2: new two-lane concrete or timber bridge located five metres apart and running parallel to the existing bridge. The existing bridge to remain for pedestrian and cycling access. The new parallel bridge will have a lifespan of more than 100 years and the existing bridge will continue to be maintained to a standard for pedestrians and cyclists.

Option 3: maintain existing single lane bridge by undertaking a full renovation; replacing the decking with a timber or precast concrete deck and some high piles replaced with a combination of driven steel piles and bored piles, with work underneath the deck to strengthen the structure. The life of this option would be around 50 years.

Heritage Victoria replied that they wanted the panel to gain advice from a Heritage Advisor and our engineering department to further examine the options.

Chairman of the Panel Darren Lyons and two other members of the panel reported on the process of engagement and the actions undertaken by the panel at a Strathbogie Shire Councillor Briefing session in November.

Currently the panel is awaiting further updates on the above expanded options.



Join the Kirwans Bridge Community Panel

We are calling for community members to join the Kirwans Bridge Community Panel. The panel will work with Council to decide the historic bridge’s future.

In March 2021 the bridge’s load limit was reduced from six to three tonnes. It was a difficult decision, but one that was made to ensure the safety of those using the bridge.

A detailed inspection and assessment of the load carrying capacity of Kirwans Bridge found the bridge was in poor condition and there are several maintenance items that need attention.

Expressions of Interest are now being received for people to join the Community Panel.

The purpose of the Community Panel is to;

  • Facilitate community involvement in discussions regarding the bridge’s future
  • Capture local knowledge, issues, concerns and opportunities
  • Plan a future for Kirwans Bridge.

Please complete the form below to submit your EOI

EOI close at 5pm on January 27, 2023.