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At its Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Council adopted the following documents:

Council has released its Draft Council Plan 2021/25 and Draft 10-year Financial Plan for consultation.

The Draft Council Plan 2021/25 is a four-year plan that outlines key strategies and initiatives to be delivered during the Council term.
The Draft 10-year Financial Plan outlines how we will responsibly manage community funds and ensure our Shire is financially sustainable.

This year our Draft Council Plan incorporates the four-year Municipal Health and Welling Plan that includes priorities and goals to improve residents’ health and wellbeing.

It is also a result of more than eight months of intensive community engagement to ensure community input into every step of its development.

This includes the Strathbogie Shire Community Panel, which was an independently recruited, representative panel, that met for three consecutive Sundays during July/August to develop the Community Vision to set the direction for the Draft Council Plan.

This was the first time our Council used deliberative engagement practices and we’re extremely proud of the outcome.

We are confident it is brave, but achievable. We hope you share our belief.

Please see the Draft Council Plan and Draft Financial Plan to read below:

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Local Government Act

The Local Government Act 2020 governs our work and is designed to improve local government democracy, accountability and service delivery for all Victorians.

A requirement of the Local Government Act 2020 is that councils work with the community and stakeholders to develop an integrated, long term and transparent approach to planning.

The 'Shaping Our Future' project will help us deliver on these requirements as we work together to shape where we live, work and play.