Participate in an exciting opportunity to shape the future of mountain biking in our region!

Strathbogie Shire Council, in collaboration with consulting, engineering and construction company, Stantec, is embarking on a project to develop a mountain bike trail network.

The proposal is to create a 10km long trail network at Balmattum Reserve, that complements the natural landscape, caters to a variety of rider ages and abilities, and showcases our natural assets. For more information about this proposal, visit the 'PROPOSAL' tab below.

To ensure that we design a trail network that aligns with your preferences and interests and accurately estimates the impact of the project on the community and economy, we are conducting an online survey from Thursday, April 25. This survey aims to gauge interest and gather feedback from residents, avid mountain bikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and other stakeholders. The estimated completion time is 5 to 10 minutes.

Please note that all information collected will be kept anonymous and aggregated for analysis purposes only. At the end of this survey, Stantec will prepare a comprehensive business case to support the funding plan for this project, which contributes to enhancing recreational opportunities, promoting outdoor tourism, and fostering a sense of community pride.

Don't miss this opportunity to have your say in shaping the future of mountain biking in our community!

Submissions close at 5pm on Thursday, May 16, 2024.



Draft Trail Network – Map

The total Mountain Bike Trail network proposed is 13.9km. The details of the network are presented on the map below. We invite you to explore the proposed trail network and provide your feedback by completing our 5-10 minute survey, which can be found in the 'SURVEY' tab.

Balmattum Hill Trail Network Map

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  • 1.8 km of dual-direction access road along the western boundary that connects the proposed northern trailhead to the existing walking trail carpark (Figure 15 - white alignment)
  • 1.2 km of ATV access Track from the access road to the top of the main walking trail (Figure 15 - grey alignment)
  • 1.3 km of main walking trail and 2.77km of secondary walking trail (Figure 15 - orange and pink alignments).
  • 5.66 km of new one-way beginner cross-country MTB trails to be constructed using either hand-built trail combined with machine-built trail features (berms and jumps), or wider machine-built trail (for adaptive use) (Figure 15 - light and dark green alignments)
  • 5.17 km of new one-way intermediate/advanced descending/flow type trails to be constructed using a combination of hand-built trail combined with machine-built trail features (berms and jumps). These will incorporate optional lines around features and rock outcrops to allow for rider progression. (Figure 15 - light and dark blue alignments)
  • 3.07 km new Climbing trail for primary rider access to higher elevations. This trail will also provide options to exit the climb earlier to access trails at lower elevations (Figure 15 - yellow alignment)

Several trails have been identified for potential as accessible trails. These will be machine-built to wider trail tread of min 1500mm to accommodate adaptive mountain bikes.

The trail network will be supported by trailheads, which are generally the starting point or key meeting points of the network. Trailheads are important as they allow information to be shared with riders about what to expect on the trail network as well as notifying riders of any hazards or trail changes that have occurred.

Trailheads are often comprised of the following facilities:

  • Trail map information and warning signs
  • Carparking areas
  • Shuttle pick up / drop off areas
  • Picnic tables with shelters
  • Bike racks and bike repair stands
  • Toilet facilities

The two proposed trailheads for Balmattum Hill include the existing trailhead at Balmattum Hill walking track and a potential secondary trailhead at the northern end of the hill.