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At Council's 2022 April Ordinary Council Meeting, Councillors voted to adopt the Resale Shops Feasibility Study which recommended the following:

  1. The social, economic and environmental conditions within the Strathbogie Shire are favourable for the initial introduction of one resale shop.
  2. Based on community feedback, accessibility, site infrastructure, material throughput and operational costs, the Nagambie Resource Recovery Centre is the recommended site for the introduction of Council’s first Resale Shop.
  3. The most fit-for-purpose management model of this site would be for it to be managed and staffed by Council.
  4. Council could staff the Resale Shop with Nagambie’s current Transfer Station Operator on Monday, Thursday & Friday, with an additional member hired for Saturday and Sunday operations.
  5. Infrastructural upgrades are estimated to cost $105,000 and there is potential for this to be funded through Round 2 Stream 2: Implementation of the same Sustainability Victoria fund we received the original grant from.
  6. An operational surplus of $20,904 is anticipated to be generated from cost savings (waste diversion) and takings.

To view the full report, click on the study in the Document Library below.

We are seeking your feedback to help us put together a feasibility study on the possibility of having resale shops at Council’s Transfer Station sites.

There’s plenty of things to find out as part of the feasibility study and we want to seek feedback from our community on some key areas.

Firstly, we want to gauge your support for resale shops. Are you interested in being able to drop off items you think could be sold on? Are you keen for a local place to find cheap re-used items?

We are also eager to hear from you regarding potential management of the resale shops, if Council determined it was feasible to establish the shops.

Please complete our survey below to provide your feedback which will be incorporated into the feasibility study which is being completed by JustWaste Consulting.

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Council is considering different management model options to run the potential resale shops. This could result in community-ran or hybrid management models.

If you are a community group or organisation interested in this process, please register your details below.