Council is seeking input from our community about the type and location of public art in our townships.

The call for feedback follows the adoption of Council’s Public Art Policy at its September Council Meeting.

The policy provides a clear and transparent process for assessing and making decisions about the design, placement, and preservation of art in public spaces in Strathbogie Shire.

Strathbogie Shire Council adopted the new policy following significant calls came from the community for more public art.

It also follows 2022/23 Budget allocation of $20,000 through the Pitch My Project initiative for public art in Euroa.

We love and understand our community’s passion for public art.

Public art can express community values, enhance our environment, transform a landscape, heighten our awareness, or question our assumptions.

Placed in public sites, this art is there for everyone, a form of collective community expression.

The feedback period will close at 9am on November 25.

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