Help us develop a Playground and Open Space Strategy

Strathbogie Shire Council is developing a Playground and Open Space Strategy to provide strategic direction on the future provision and upgrade of playgrounds and open spaces across Strathbogie Shire over the next 10 years.

The strategy’s scope is limited to all public, freely accessible open spaces including recreation reserves, passive open space/natural reserve, wetlands, community use space, green spaces, lookouts/attractions, trails and walks and playgrounds that are open for public uses in the Council-owned lands.

Playgrounds located on school grounds, kindergartens or those that can only be accessed via a fee have not been considered in the strategy. Similarly, recreational or sports facilities for clubs and events (such as ovals and sports courts) are not addressed. However, the strategy does incorporate areas such as off-leash dog areas.

The strategy is also limited to the towns with existing playgrounds including Avenel, Creightons Creek, Euroa, Longwood, Nagambie, Moglonemby, Ruffy, Strathbogie, and Violet Town.

We're calling on the community to have their say on strategy principles and major projects to help develop the Playground and Open Space Strategy.

Key Stakeholder Engagement - Seven Creeks Masterplan

Feedback Period: 9am, Thursday, February 8 to 5pm, Thursday, March 12.

We encourage you to share your thoughts by:

Online: Have your say by using our feedback activites in the Seven Creeks Masterplan tab below
Post: PO Box 177, Euroa VIC 3666


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To deliver Council's vision, all playgrounds and open spaces across Strathbogie Shire will be developed in accordance with the following principles.
Please review each principle and answer the questions below.

Provide equitable, safe and accessible play and open spaces considering linkages, walkability and connections between the play and open spaces and surrounding areas. Create intergenerational play and open spaces all members of our community will want to enjoy.

Provide high standard of equipment and products to encourage use and access which are consistent but reflect the unique character of each site. They will be well planned taking into consideration environmental risks, heat, flood, drought and climate change considerations. Use contemporary design practice which offers a variety of unstructured, stimulating, challenging and fun experiences for a range of ages and abilities where practical. Be designed in accordance with the three tier play and open space hierarchy, ensuring an appropriate level of amenity and service at each identified location, whilst being financially responsible for Council.

Ensure longevity and sustainability of materials, ease of maintenance, and innovative practice. Be delivered in accordance with the three tier play and open space hierarchy, ensuring an appropriate level of amenity and service at each identified location, whilst being financially responsible for Council.

Design and amenity will compliment, enhance and celebrate the unique qualities of each play and open space location integrating community ideas and inputs as part of the design process.

Provide opportunities to integrate artwork , signage and celebrate natural elements in play and open space to enhance experiences for all senses and connect with nature


The Play and Open Space Strategy includes a detailed design for a Nature Play Space in the Seven Creeks Park, Euroa.

Council is seeking your feedback and ideas on what you would like to see included in the Euroa Nature Play Space.

It’s important to note the equipment you can choose from has been carefully selected by Council staff, taking the flood risk of Seven Creeks Park into consideration.
We’re calling on members of the community to tell us what you would like to see in the detailed design for all age groups and abilities.

Once completed, Council will seek grant opportunities to fund this new community infrastructure that will enhance the Seven Creeks precinct, attract tourists and provide an exciting play space for the Shire’s youngest residents.

Please note this is a long scrolling section, with three different equipment activities to provide feedback on



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    We're calling on everyone to inspire us with your ideas! What makes a playground awesome? Have you seen a playground you love? What do you love about it?

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    Balancing the seesaw

    We'll give key user groups like students and members of our Community Panel the opportunity to weigh in.

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    The more people to jump on, the more momentum the strategy will gather. The Draft Playground and Open Space Strategy will be released for public feedback.

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    A two-way communication between Council and the community. The strategy will be used to inform future planning for playgrounds and open spaces. Keep an eye out for opportunities to engage on key developments and projects.