A Draft Lease and Licensing Policy is being developed to help ensure that a consistent, equitable and transparent approach is taken to leasing and licensing of Council properties that provide community benefit and in a manner that complies with all legal requirements.

The policy supports the sustainability of Council’s properties and responsible financial management through appropriate and equitable contribution towards maintenance and oversight of the facilities in line with each category of lease or licence and the associated agreement.

The policy relates primarily to the following property types:

  • Community halls and infrastructure
  • Buildings/sheds
  • Land
  • Kindergartens/early years services
  • Property for commercial purposes

It does not include recreation reserves or sporting clubs.

In addition to Council property, the draft policy includes Crown Land where Council is the designated Committee of Management and land, or property leased or licensed by Council from another party for the purpose of performing Council’s functions and objectives. Note, this does not include commercial leases where Council is the tenant.

The policy outlines five core elements for leasing and licensing Council properties:

  1. Types of Agreements
  2. Standard Terms
  3. Categories of Occupiers
  4. Rent, Fees, and Outgoings
  5. Lease and Licensing Principle.

It also includes four different property categories:

  1. Commercial – market rate as set by independent valuation or by the Valuer General Victoria
  2. Community– a discounted market rate based on the benefit to the community.
  3. Administrative – a rate as set by Council annually as part of the budget process, considering the minimum recommended rate set by DEECA.
  4. Peppercorn – a discounted administrative rate for the benefit of the community.

Feedback opens on Wednesday June 19, and closes at 5pm on Wednesday, July 17.

We encourage you to share your thoughts by:

Online: Complete the online submission form below
Email: info@strathbogie.vic.gov.au
Post: PO Box 177, Euroa VIC 3666

  • Ensuring Council properties are appropriately maintained, developed, and occupied in ways that respect community interests and asset care.
  • Meeting community needs in alignment with the Council Plan.
  • Promoting transparent and fair decision-making regarding eligibility, use, lease or licence duration, and associated fees, considering the occupant's ability to generate income through hire agreements, liquor licences, memberships, etc.
  • Establishing fair, transparent, and equitable leasing and licensing arrangements.
  • Ensuring sound fiscal management and effective administration for an acceptable financial return.
  • Complying with legislative requirements to manage risks and minimise liability.

Council Officers will be available to meet with community groups / occupants by appointment in Euroa on Wednesday 3rd July or Nagambie 10th July 2024.




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