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With help of a grant from a successful Pick My Project pitch members of the Euroa Community Action Group are delighted to be planning a community gathering and growing space for Euroa.

Euroa has a vibrant environment with a range of green spaces. There is an opportunity to extend this attractive green space by revitalising an under-utilised space into an area that promotes local wildlife and enables people from all over Euroa to connect, grow food and learn about local flora and fauna.

Over the past 5 months, the Euroa Community Action Group (ECAG) has been working with a range of groups to learn about what the key needs are in Euroa. ECAG conducted a survey which received 45 responses and found the main needs/interest areas were to have ECAG deliver community building initiatives that bring diverse ages together to encourage active living. The priority focus areas mentioned were:

  • social inclusion and wellbeing
  • community infrastructure
  • supporting vulnerable community members.

Majority of people were interested in supporting projects and the social interaction of working bees.

ECAG will partner with local organisations including Design Euroa, Friends of the Sevens, the Arboretum and local schools to revitalise a space in Brock street to encourage connection with others and the local environment.


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Draft Designs

Draft designs will be released for comment soon.