The plan takes a collaborative approach to identify the fire risks and corresponding actions to reduce the likelihood, severity and impacts of fire within the Strathbogie Shire communities.

Its overall goal is to have a fire prepared community in the Strathbogie Shire.

Fire and emergency events impose significant social, environmental, and economic costs on Victoria including injury and loss of life, damage to property, infrastructure and facilities, financial costs, ecosystem and biodiversity loss, and social and cultural losses.

Challenges such as the impact of climate change, the increasing occurrence of major fires, population and residential growth all increase the need for a coordinated and collaborative approach to strategic fire management planning.

In Victoria agencies must work collaboratively across state, regional and local government levels with our communities, and business before, during and after emergencies.

This Draft Municipal Fire Management Plan (MFMP) has been developed under legislation introduced in Victoria in 2018 to provide greater cohesion for emergency management planning in Victoria at the state, regional and municipal levels.

It is a sub-plan to the Strathbogie Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) and was developed by the Fire Management Planning Sub-Committee which is made up of representatives from the Country Fire Authority (CFA), Forest Fire Management Victoria, Victorian Police, Council and other specialist roles as required.

Through the development of the plan, the sub-committee explored the fire-related challenges, risks and opportunities within the municipality to apply a coordinated approach to managing these risks.

The draft plan is based around the following themes:

  1. Community Resilience
  2. Fuel Management
  3. Access/Egress
  4. Suppression
  5. Capability

The experience and knowledge of the Committee members and partner agencies has been integral in confirming the focus of the strategies and the actions to be undertaken.

The plan will be monitored, and regularly updated with improved treatments or activities.

Council is grateful to the members of the Share Strathbogie Community Panel who attended a workshop to provide feedback in relation to the plan.

Feedback from the workshop resulted in addition of three actions. These being:

  • Addition to Action 1.5. Tap into local forums like the Bogie Tree and local newsletters to share information. Attend local events where there is a captive audience, for example markets and Strathbogie pizza nights.
  • Action 2.7 Review the Strathbogie Shire Council Roadside Management Plan to explore how we better manage roadside fuel loads.
  • Strengthening Action 5.1 Work with CFA to share their campaign on becoming a CFA volunteer in Council communication channels.

These actions are identified in the action plan using this symbol: 🗨

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday, October 20, 2023.



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Draft plan released for consultation

    September 7

  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Consultation closes

    October 20

Who's listening?

Mark Leitinger

Emergency Management Officer