Have your say: Draft Governance Rules

We’re seeking input into our Draft Governance Rules.

The Governance Rules contain:

  • processes for Councillors, committee members and staff to declare conflicts of interest
  • Council’s Election (Caretaker) Period Policy
  • processes for the election of Mayor and (if required) Deputy Mayor and chairs of delegated committees or community asset committees
  • procedures for Council meetings, including the Audit and Risk Committee, any delegated committees and community asset committees.

Key proposed changes are:

  • Revised conflict of interest rules to reflect learnings from state-wide implementations and recommendations from the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Agency (IBAC).
  • Availability of rules to address serious disruptions of Council Meetings
  • Simplification of processes.

Under the Local Government Act 2020 Council’s Governance Rules must be reviewed one year before scheduled Victorian Council elections.

Submissions close at 5pm, Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

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Amanda Tingay

Acting Director People and Governance