Our 2021/22 Draft Budget has been developed with community priorities at the forefront.

Through our community engagement program – Share Strathbogie – Councillors and Council Officers have been working with the community to understand their values, priorities and ensure these are reflected in the Draft Budget.

The Draft Budget is a significant document for Council and our community. It sets our fees and charges for the next year, along with the capital works program, the money Council spends on services and the resources needed to deliver these services.

This year’s Draft Budget provides for an operating expenditure of $29.7 million to fund services. This includes $7.545 million to roads, drains, bridges, and footpaths, $1.211 million to parks and reserves and $914,000 to planning.

It provides $17.05 million in new capital works that includes $3.804 million in roads, $1.4 million for bridges and culverts, $891,000 for pedestrian bridges and footpaths, $986,000 for recreation, leisure and community facilities and $331,000 for parks, open spaces and streetscapes.

For the first time we have also launched our innovative ‘Pitch My Project’ program where you can pitch your ideas for inclusion in the Final Budget.

Below you will find three tabs with different ways to contribute your thoughts and idea. We encourage you to click through and start sharing.

Feedback on our Draft Budget will close at 5pm on Monday, May 24, 2021.
All submissions will be made public.


Make a submission

Written submissions on the 2021/22 Draft Budget must be received by 5pm on Monday, May 24, 2021 with the budget extraordinary Council meeting to hear submissions will be held at 4pm Tuesday, June 8th, 2021.

We encourage you to make a submission by:

Online: Complete the form below
Email: email info@strathbogie.vic.gov.au
Post: PO Box 177, Euroa VIC 3666

Pitch Your Project

Pitch Your Project

This is your opportunity to pitch your project ideas. Fill in the form below to share your big ideas!

Council will consider all of these project as we work to prepare the Final Budget. Don’t forget we need your help prioritising projects. So if you haven’t already click on the 'Priotitise' tab to share what’s important to you.


Prioritise our capital works project

Our 2021/22 Draft Budget provides $17.05 million in new capital works that includes $1.162 million for property projects, 1.252 million for plant and equipment and $14.638 for infrastructure projects.

Below you will find 57 projects that are new capital works projects in this year’s Draft Budget.

But we need your help. We want to know which projects are the most important to our community.

This is because we know we’re going to get lots of awesome ideas through our Pitch Your Project initiative and by completing this task we know which projects are the most important to our community.

Happy voting!