Share your pet-tastic ideas!

We’re currently reviewing our Domestic Animal Management Plan and we want your feedback, thoughts and advice.

The plan outlines the key issues, objectives and priorities for how cats and dogs would be managed in our Shire. It covers issues such as:

  • The importance of pets to Shire residents
  • Concerns about animal-related matters (nuisance animals, dog attacks, dangerous dogs and restricted breeds)
  • Ideas and resources to help locals manage and care for their pets
  • Dogs in parks and reserves, and
  • How well information provided by Council about pets and animal management addresses the needs of residents.

We know that pets are important to people living in our Shire, so we want to make sure we’re working with our community to develop a management plan that meets their needs.

We’ve seen such a positive reaction to the recent opening of the Euroa Off-Leash Dog Park we’re keen to hear how else we can improve our services.

We have a bit of an internal motto happening at the Shire at the moment and that’s ‘We can do better’, but we need our community’s input to get there.

Share your feedback, thoughts and advice below

Feedback will close at 5pm on the 27th August, 2021