We know our shire is made up of townships where public transport is few and far between.

We’re a geographically large shire, that feature countless natural and built attractions. There are so many reasons people love living in Strathbogie Shire.

This is where the development of a Cycling and Walking Strategy comes in. Its aim is to guide cycling and walking infrastructure in the future as well as direct maintenance efforts to improve already existing cycling and walking routes.

We believe connecting these points of community interest through sidewalk infrastructure would present a great benefit to the community through safer and more available options for transport.

This project will also increase the activity levels of residents, which will help combat lifestyle ailments that become present through lack of adequate physical activity.

The development of this strategy is an action included in the Climate Change action plan.

Have your say by taking the survey below, dropping a pin on the map, or attend a pop-up shop:

  • Avenel Market: Sunday 8 October 9-1pm
  • Violet Town Market: Saturday 14 October 9-1pm
  • Euroa Farmers Market: Saturday 21 October 9-1pm
  • Nagambie main street: Friday 20 October (Jacobsons Outlook)

Feedback closes at 9am on Wednesday, 8 November.



To start with we’re seeking your feedback on how often you bike, walk or scooter and some of the barriers to this activity.