A Community Panel is a group of people who are brought together to collaborate with Council on many issues over a long period of time.

Our aim is to recruit a broad cross section of people from throughout the community with different interests.
We’re not capping numbers, so we hope to have as many people as possible involved.

The panel also allows Council to create a representative group of our community when deliberative engagement is required.

For more information read the Community Panel Guidelines below:

A Community Panel provides advice on a range of different topics, issues, projects and strategies.

For example – township-based problems can be solved by bringing in the panel participants who live in that area and asking them to provide local knowledge and advice.

On shire-based projects the entire panel will come together to deliberate, share information and gather input.

Our panellists then act as advocates to participation in the community.

The panel does not replace broad community engagement. We will always provide opportunities for the broader community to have its say.

However, panellists will help in encouraging participation and, perhaps more importantly, generating understanding and trust in the process and Council’s decision making.