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At an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday June 28, 2022 Council voted to maintain its current role in conducting ceremonies on January 26.

To read the media release, engagement report and watch the Council meeting visit our website.

Strathbogie Shire Council is seeking the community’s advice on a review of traditional Australia Day celebrations.

Council’s aim is to be more respectful and to begin to recognise the significance of the day to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Council has partnered with community groups to deliver celebrations on January 26 for many years. These celebrations usually include a community gathering, barbeques, local performance and often community awards.

However, January 26 is a difficult day for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The anniversary of this day marks the start of the dispossession and marginalisation of First Nations people.

Calls to shift the date of Australia Day have gained significant momentum over past years with the wider community growing increasingly aware that it is a day that many First Nations people find difficult or even offensive.”

Councils across Australia are reviewing the traditional Australia Day celebrations to be more respectful and to begin to recognise the significance of the day to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

At Strathbogie Shire Council’s May Council Meeting, Council resolved to undertake community consultation on two different options relating to Council’s role on January 26.


In accordance with the inclusivity objectives within the Community Vision and the Memorandum of Understanding with the Taungurung Land and Waters Council, Strathbogie Shire Council no longer formally supports celebrations on January 26 each year as follows:

  • Lower the Aboriginal Flag to half-mast on January 26 out of respect for the First Nations People and what the day represents for First Nations people;

  • Continue Council’s requirement to hold a Citizenship Ceremony on January 26 as required;

  • Advocate to the State and Federal Governments
    where appropriate to change the date of ‘Australia Day’ to a date that can be celebrated by

  • National Australia Day Council funding to hold or host Australia Day awards or celebratory activities to be the responsibility of the individual township Australia Day Committees for events in 2023 and beyond;

  • Amend Council's event sponsorship and community grant guidelines deeming activities celebrating Australia Day on January 26 (in kind or cash) as ineligible;

  • Promotion of celebrations held on January 26 to be coordinated by the individual township Australia Day Committees for events in 2023 and beyond, and;

  • Formally support the celebration of community contribution with annual awards in May as part of Volunteer Week, recognising the outstanding community contribution of individuals and groups within Strathbogie Shire commencing in 2023

Council continues to celebrate January 26 as per current arrangements.


Written submissions must be received by 9am on Monday, June 20, 2022.

We encourage you to make a submission by:

Online: Complete the form below
Email: email
Post: PO Box 177, Euroa VIC 3666