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Council adopted its 2022/23 Budget and updated Council Plan at its June Council Meeting.
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Our 2022/23 Draft Budget includes funding for 12 projects that were pitched by the community through Council’s innovative Pitch my Project initiative.

It is the second year we have run the Pitch my Project initiative, which ensures Council is funding the projects and works that matter to our community.

Our Budget sets our fees and charges for the next year, along with our capital works program and the money we will spend on community services and resources to deliver these services.

This year’s 2022/23 Draft Budget provides for operating expenditure of $31.91 million on services. This includes $7.174 million to roads, drains, bridges, and footpaths, $402,500 to sustainability initiatives, $1.241 million to parks and reserves and $2.342 million to planning.

Operating expenditure is also used to fund important services such as libraries, maternal and child health, swimming pools and arts and culture.

This year’s Draft Budget provides $15.104 million capital works program, together with $9.8 million carried forward from 2021/22. This includes $7.450 million in roads, $1.2 million for bridges and culverts, $1.310 million for pedestrian bridges and footpaths, 2.807 million for recreation, leisure and community facilities and $2.145 million for parks, open spaces and streetscapes.

We have worked to minimise rate increases and have prepared the Budget based on a 1.75 per cent increase in the average rate per property, which is in line with the State Government’s ‘Fair Go Rates’ legislation.

Waste collection and disposal charges will rise by three per cent, with costs impacted by increases in both the State Government landfill levy of 19 per cent and increases in fuel prices which are a major input into Council’s waste collection contracts.

2021-25 Council Plan Review

We have also updated our Council Plan in parallel with the development of the draft budget.

Although we are only a few months into the delivery of the Council Plan, a number of actions have been completed and others are best reworded to reflect the work already undertaken.

The review and update ensure the resources required to implement the Community Vision and the six Strategic Focus Areas outlined in the plan are allocated through the annual budget process.

Council is now seeking feedback on the 2022/23 Draft Budget and the Council Plan Update.

Submissions close at 9am on Monday, May 23, 2022.


Written submissions on the Draft Budget and Council Plan Review must be received by 9am on Monday, May 23, 2022.
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