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Council adopted its 2022/23 Budget at its June Council Meeting.
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This year we’re taking community engagement to develop our 2022/23 Draft Budget a step further.

We’re building on the successful Pitch My Project initiative we established last year and asking people to pitch their ideas before we release our draft budget for feedback.

We want our community to be involved in every step of the development of our 2022/23 Budget. This means our budget reflects the projects and initiatives that matter to you.

Last year we received some incredible submissions, and we were proud to be able to deliver funding to more than 10 projects through the initiative.

This year we want to do better!

Launching the ‘Pitch My Project’ is ensuring we have meaningful community involvement as we continue to strive to improve on our community engagement.

Projects can be pitched until 5pm on Friday 7 January, 2022

Pitch My Project

Your rates at work

Your rates help deliver projects and services included in the Strathbogie Shire Council Budget.

The 2021/22 Budget includes a $21.57 million investment in new capital works projects and $30.3 million to continue delivering important services, including childcare, maternal and child health, planning services, waste collection, parks and gardens maintenance, library services, maintaining valued community facilities and much more.

Rates at work

Last year's success